Merging tradition and modernity
To build homes safe for people and the environment

By providing homes
at affordable prices,
we help you create a space
of evolved happiness.

Based on the concept of natural materials and homes that work with people, our housing department offers new properties as well as renovations, planning, and management. The department was established in 1995 as a new challenge for Eto. Although we started out building and selling imported homes and log cabins, raising costs of imported materials made it impossible for us to continue offering these homes at affordable prices, so we shifted to healthy homes. The desire to build homes where people can live happily joined the woodworking skills and eye for good materials passed down in Okawa, Fukuoka, a city with a thriving furniture business. This allowed the department to begin building homes “safe for people and the environment.”

Making full use of comfortable, durable Japanese cypress.
For healthy living optimized for electromagnetic waves.

The most attractive point of Eto healthy homes is the liberal use of Japanese cypress for beams and exteriors, showing Eto’s experience as a leading company in natural materials. Japanese cypress wood is extremely fine grained, durable, and humidity resistant, and is revered as a top quality wood around the world. This wood is also used for the shrine reconstruction ceremony of the Ise Grand Shrine, which involves completely rebuilding the main shrine building once every 20 years. This wood has gotten a lot of attention in Asia and around the world for its light color, elegance, and rich perfume. In addition to using natural materials and paints, we have also taken other measures to build homes that fit modern people, such as connecting the sheets in each building to grounding wire to create electromagnetic waves that accommodate the spread of household electronics.

Our order-made furniture delivered to clients nationwide
is of a quality that meets top-class standards.

In our contract department, we install special ordered furniture mainly in hospitals and facilities across Japan. We are rapidly expanding into a wide variety of fields such as retail stores and hotels. Okawa City is Eto’s headquarters, and is an important OEM base for renowned brand name manufacturers of household beds, medical beds, and caregiving beds. At Eto, we cooperate with our group companies and furniture manufacturers in Okawa to produce products at a top class standard, and deliver them all across Japan. This network allows us to quickly provide high quality products to meet our clients’ needs.