OEM Furniture import business

We help from the planning and design stage of bespoke furniture,
which is then manufactured and imported via our unique overseas network

We design, import, and supply wholesalers, manufacturers, and internet stores with various furniture including sofas, dining sets, chests of drawers, and particularly children’s beds and desks.
We have employees on-site in Vietnam, China, and Malaysia to ensure the smoothest possible international transactions. We design bespoke furniture based on ideas generated from our discussions with our customers, which is then produced at our affiliated factories overseas, imported back, and then sent to the customer. We have 6 furniture designers, each with their own experience and expertise in their chosen specialties, making it possible for us to respond to any specification. Utilizing the best of our current import know-how, we have also began exporting to countries in Asia. We plan to continue challenging ourselves to various business avenues around the world from our Fukuoka base. Customers who require bespoke furniture (OEM) should feel free to contact us and we’ll have our head of sales get back to you right away.

Transaction flow

For domestic production we use a network in the best furniture production town in our native Japan, Okawa. For overseas production, we use our network throughout Asia that we have built up over many years, to suggest a factory that best fits the customer’s needs. We have several ‘Chinese members of staff who are proficient in Japanese, as well as staff based in each country we are active in to give our customers peace of mind.

The planning and design of our customer specification, including the price, shall be decided upon together with the head of sales at our company.

We will have a sample product produced either domestically or overseas and then ask for feedback for potential modifications.

After confirming modifications or corrections, we will have the goods delivered to a place specified by the client.

*The products below are exclusive to retail stores and are only an example of OEM furniture products.

We will consider large items of furniture including beds, sofas, desks, and storage.