Creating relaxing living spaces that are kind to people and the environment

Following on from KOTOKA, “Tampare” is the second series of furniture to be made from hinoki cypress by Eto. This living room set is made from a plentiful amount of hinoki cypress, a wood considered by Japanese people to be a luxury material since antiquity. The paints used on the furniture are environmentally friendly water-based paints that contain no F☆☆☆☆, toluene, xylene or lead, and are odorless, making them good for both the environment and people. The coating soaks into the wood, meaning that it doesn’t impede the natural breathing of the wood, the hinoki’s wonderful aroma can be appreciated, and the wood’s characteristic antibacterial and anti-pest effects remain. You can also enjoy the natural feel of the hinoki grain. The pleasant scent of hinoki cypress produces a relaxing environment in the living room, where the whole family gathers.

Tampare Sofa


Tampare Cabinet

Tampare TV board

Tampare TV board wide

Tampare Series

[Material: hinoki cypress from Kumamoto prefecture]
We take high-grade cypress with few knots and further sort it, using only the highest quality hinoki cypress. Hinoki cypress has astonishing properties that help to create a luxury sleeping space.
– The aroma can help to alleviate sleep disorders. – Cypress prevents mould and wards off mites. It is also antibacterial. – As a construction material, it offers world-class durability.


[Factories: Okawa, Fukuoka prefecture, and an out-of-town factory]
Our skilled craftsmen build our furniture carefully, checking everything by hand at every stage of production. The city of Okawa in Fukuoka prefecture has been renowned as Japan’s top furniture-making town for over 480 years, and the craftsmen from there create wonderful objects for us with proficient skill, judging the character of the hinoki cypress as they go.